If you enjoy homemade and found instruments, you'll enjoy Rachel's recording of the song "Cookin' in the Kitchen." You will hear a turkey baster and other kitchen instruments. Listen to it now on track 9 of her CD Tap Those Toes!

Rachel's Turkey Baster Instructions:

Please read all the directions below before you play your baster.

Fill your baster bulb (the squeezy part) with water. The easiest way to do this for some basters is to put the open end of the baster under a slow running faucet until it reaches the top of the bulb. With some basters, it is easier to remove the bulb, fill it, and put it back on. Do not fill the plastic air column of the baster.

Turkey baster players should sit rather than stand when first practicing and learning to play. Hold your baster upright with the open end of the plastic air column on your lower lip. Extend your upper lip and blow gently across the top of the baster. Do not blow too hard or you could start to feel light-headed or dizzy.

Warning: If you ever feel light-headed or dizzy while trying to play your baster stop immediately, and take a break.

Gently squeeze the bulb of the baster near the bottom to change the level of the water and the pitch of your baster. If you squeeze near the top, you may cause the water to leak from baster bulb. The shorter the column of air, the higher the sound will be. This is because the air is vibrating faster in the smaller space.

Empty your baster after each use and rinse it with a little dishwashing soap and warm water. Your baster can also be taken apart and put in the dishwasher to keep it clean.

Remember, like any instrument, it takes some practice. Have fun with your baster!






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