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The manual alphabet, numbers 1-10, and I love you.

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Available on the recording Kindersongs.
HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? to the melody of "Skip to My Lou," adapted by Rachel Sumner 

Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you? 
Hello, how are you?
How are you, friend?

Use the hand you write with! 
The directions below are for right-handed individuals; reverse them for left-handed people.

Start with the right hand in the B handshape, palm forward and fingers pointing up. Bring the hand outward to the right with a deliberate movement. 

How are you? 
Hold your right hand up with the middle finger forward and other fingers extended, touch your chest bone with your fingertip. Then, pull your fingertip up the chest bone. (Raise your eyebrows when you ask a question.)

Make the X hand shape with both of your hands. Hook the right index finger over the left which is palm-up and repeat in reverse.


Available on the CD Rachel's Fun Time Too!
FRIENDS by Rachel Sumner 
Copyright 1991. All rights reserved. 

Friends, good friends, you and I. 
Friends, good friends you and I. 
I may go far away
But you and I will always stay. (Repeat the first part.)

See the image above.

Bring the fingertips of your right hand to your chin, then bring your hand down so that the back of the right hand rests in the palm of your left hand.

Point to someone or everyone with your index finger.

Place your right hand in front of you, fingers spread apart (palm facing you); as you move your hand across your body, close your fingers together.

This is the sign for can. Make a fist with both of your hands with the thumb in the S hand position, and move your hands downward in a firm manner (palms down).

Make the finger shape of the number 1 and move both hands forward (one behind the other).

far away
Both hands in the A hand position, thumbs up, knuckles touching; move the right A hand forward.

Cross your index fingers, palms facing out, draw them apart.

Raise your right arm (with your palm facing your cheek) and move your arm forward.

Palm-up, point forward with your index finger, and circle clockwise.

This is the sign for continue. Both hands make a fist (with thumb in A hand position); place the thumb of the right hand on the thumbnail of the left hand, and move both hands forward.

WHAT'LL WE DO? by Carol Ponder
Copyright 1996. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

What'll we do? (echo) What'll we do? (echo)
We're gonna have some fun. (echo) We're gonna have some fun. (echo)
Follow directions. (echo) Follow directions (echo)
Respect each other. (echo) Respect each other. (echo)
We're gonna listen. (echo) We're gonna listen. (echo)

What'll we do? 
The sign is made by making the letter D on both hands, turn both palms so that they are facing up toward the ceiling, then move the index finger forward and back a number of times.

Have some fun 
Raise both hands over your head with palms facing out and fingers spread, then shake your hands. This sign is not a literal translation for the words "have some fun." It is actually a way to applaud or say "hurray." I decided to use this sign because it gets the concept across, looks fun and can be used in the concert or classroom to applaud. You may wish to use the sign for the word fun.

Make the letter A with both hands, turn your wrists so that your thumbs are facing the ceiling, then place one hand behind the other and move both hands forward (one following the other).

Make the letter F with both hands, turn your F hands so they face each other and are parallel to the floor, then move your hands forward and back a few times.

Place your R hand at your forehead with your palm facing down, then move it away from your head like a salute.

Each other 
With the hand of one palm facing the ceiling, move your hand across the front of your body.

We're gonna listen 
Make an extended letter C (stretch the C out so that it is taller) and place it up to your head around your ear.

Words and music by John Taylor (The Kinderman)
Copyright©1986, 1992 by Kinderland Publishing.
All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

Friends, friends, one, two, three,
All my friends are here with me.
You're my friend, you're my friend, 
You're my friend, and you're my friend.
Friends, friends, one, two, three,
All my friends are here with me.

see the description above

one, two, three 
See your hand out.

(use the sign for plural you) point to everyone in the room from left to right.

open both palms facing up with fingers (together) pointing forward, shake in and out.

letter A hands together, palm to palm.

Point to yourself with your index finger.

point to someone in the room.

open palm touches your chest.

Copyright Rachel Sumner

The images above are available for educational purposes only. They are not to be distributed for any other purpose without permission from the copyright owner.







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