A Fun and Safe Way to Give Trick-Or-Treaters Candy During the Pandemic

We have to be careful and smart this Halloween because of COVID-19. This year, I have decided to distribute candy in a safe and non-traditional way. I'm making a seven and a half foot candy chute (some people call it a candy slide). I wish I thought of this myself but I believe that a dad in Ohio was the first to think of this idea and publicize it. He used a six-foot by four-inch cardboard shipping tube and decorated it.

I want something more heavy-duty and weatherproof so my candy chute will be made out of PVC piping. The diameter depends on the size of the candy you are going to put down the chute. It needs to be wide enough for the candy to easily drop through the tube. Mine is two inches in diameter.

Here are my ideas on precautions to consider to help keep everyone safe:

1. Set up your candy chute or slide outdoors and be sure it is over six feet long (just to be sure).

2. Be sure that trick-or-treaters cannot approach you at the top of the chute. I'm going to create a physical barrier by using yellow caution tape. I plan to be at the top of our front porch either just inside our door or out on the porch. The children will be at the bottom of my steps on the sidewalk. I will encourage the kids to place their bag or container underneath the bottom of my chute one at a time. (No crowding allowed.)

3. Wear a mask.

4. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before touching any individual candy and wipe down the top and bottom of your candy chute after setting it up. Place your candy in a large clean container so it will be ready to distribute it easily. If you touch anything that has not been cleaned between candy drops, clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Gloves are not really helpful because if you touch your face or any unclean surface, you should change your gloves. Just clean your hands.

I've posted a picture of a super duper long candy chute I saw near our neighborhood. It is clipped to their gutter near the top of their front porch. My candy chute is not going to be as fancy as theirs but it will still create excitement and fun for trick-or-treaters! I've been experimenting with how I will set up my candy shute. Right now, I planning on attaching my chute to an old walker with duct tape. I'll let you know how my experiment is working and post a picture!

Now is the time to put on your thinking cap, use your imagination, and make safe plan for Halloween fun. Speaking of fun, join me on Thursday, October 22 at 10:00 AM on my Facebook Fan page for a Halloween concert live from my mom's doll and toy room! You will find my fan page at http://www.Facebook.com/RachelForKids

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