Here is a photo of my Halloween Candy Chute or Candy Slide

I promised to have an update about how my candy chute turned out. I used an old walker, black duct tape, and a 7 1/2 foot PVC pipe that is 2 inches wide. These were all things I had around the house. 2 inches wide works for smaller candy but I would suggested at least a 3 inch wide PVC pipe if you have a choice. I posted an invitation to families on our neighborhood Facebook page. It sounds as if there are a few other neighbors with candy chutes and others who are setting up tables at the end of their driveways with plastic bags that children can pick up.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!Candy chute made from PVC pipe and set up on the top of a porch. The pipe is attached to a walker and it is angled down the steps.

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